Relocation – Purchasing

Full Property Search - Purchase

Searching for the perfect home can be one of the most stressful times in your life.

All your time may be spent trawling through often unreliable and out of date listings and content on the internet. Combined with the never-ending phone calls to agents (hoping they keep you in mind when a suitable property becomes available), as well as many wasted journeys to view properties that are a disappointment when you walk through the door, can all be incredibly frustrating.

This is where our relocation service can assist you.

We assist our clients to make sure the best available properties are sourced and secured for them, right through to the day they are handed the keys, enabling a smooth transition into their new home.

Whilst we provide a tailor made service to meet our clients individual needs, these are the key points of service provided:

1. An initial no obligation consultation (at a time convenient to yourself)

2. Detailed Briefing

3. We contact all known sources (for both on and off market properties)

4. We pre-view suitable properties (eliminating unsuitable ones)

5. Discuss suitable finds

6. We accompany your viewings

7. Provide area information on any suitable properties

8. Negotiate on your behalf

9. Oversee conveyancing

1. Initial no obligation consultation - We will arrange a suitable time to meet with you on a free, no obligation basis to discuss your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have regarding the services we offer - so it is no cost at all to you, we will even travel to your current location.

2. Detailed Briefing - When you decide to go ahead we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire detailing your property requirements to enable us to proceed with your home search, fully briefed with your specific requirements and needs.

3. We Contact all known sources - and research the market for both on and off market properties. These include estate agents who cover your chosen areas as well as our private contacts. As a letting Agent we are often contacted by landlords, who wish to sell or let their properties privately.

4. We pre-view suitable properties - We pre-view properties which fit your brief, eliminating any unsuitable properties. What appears to look good on paper may often be disappointing when viewed! For you, this could be a very frustrating and tiresome part of the process, wasting a lot of time energy and money.

5. Discuss suitable finds - We contact you with a detailed report on suitable properties we have pre-viewed and discuss the pro’s and con’s of each property. You decide which properties you would like to view.

6. We accompany your viewings - We arrange and accompany your viewings at a time convenient for you and assist you to evaluate each property.

7. Provide area information on any suitable properties - Once you have expressed an interest in a property, we can provide you with more specific local area information to suit your requirements and interests. We will also arrnage a tour of the local area if you wish to have one.

8. Negotiate on your behalf - Once you decide to make and offer on a property, you can choose whether to negotiate directly with the agent or we can do this for you. We will use our knowledge to compare local pricing and discuss tactics with you before proceeding with an offer.

9. Oversee conveyancing - Once an offer has been accepted and all parties agree, we will co-ordinate the conveyancing process. This stage can be one of the most stressful, liaising between solicitors, estate agents, surveyors and other parties on your behalf, helping the purchasing process of your chosen property go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We will keep you informed of the progress, reporting as little or as often as you wish.


Search term is 24 weeks (6 Months) from step 2.

From step two we ask for a bond of £100

On exchanging of contracts we charge a fixed fee of 0.4% of the final price.